Circle Support: Activate Help

What is Activate?
Activate is the process whereby Circle moves from being in demo mode (where you can't save presets and it goes out of tune after 20 minutes of use), to being fully featured. Find on this page, a step by step guide to Activating Circle and an FAQ related to the Activate process.

Step By Step Guide To Activate Circle

Step 1: To begin the Activate process click "activate" as highlighted below, either in the Start Window you are presented with when launching Circle or if you have already clicked "demo", the "activate" button on Circles top bar.

You are now presented with the window below. This window will be referred to as the Activate Window in the steps that follow.

Step 2: Now you need to locate your 'Circle Activation Code'.
If you purchase a boxed version of Circle, your Circle Activation Code will be the 32 digit number printed on the slip enclosed in the box.

If you purchased Circle online from our webshop, your Circle Activation Code will be the 32 digit number titled 'Circle Activation Code' displayed in the email you received subject 'Your Circle Activation Code'.

Step 3: Having located your Circle Activation Code, the next step is to enter the code in order to Activate Circle fully featured. There are two paths for this step, depending on if the computer running Circle is ONLINE or OFFLINE.

If your computer running Cirle is ONLINE and connected to the internet, carefully type your 32 digit Circle Activation Code into the box provided on Circle's Activate Window as shown in the image directly below. Please exclude the separation dashes. The case of the letters also needs to be the maintained. Once entered, the button 'Activate Online' becomes available. Click this button and Circle is now fully activated and fully featured.

If your computer running Circle is OFFLINE and not connected to the internet, then since you are reading this you have followed the instructions on Cirlce's Activate Window correctly and ended up here.

In the yellow box below enter your 32 digit Circle Activation Code including the separation dashes.
In the green box below enter your 22 digit Activate Offline Code. This is the green 22 digit code that is currently being displayed on Circle's Activate Window.

Once both codes are entered, click "Create Activation File". A download should commence if you have correctly entered both valid codes.

Transfer this downloaded Activation File to a safe place on your offline computer running Circle.

Once the file is in a safe place on the offline computer running Circle, click "LOAD ACTIVATION FILE" on Circle's Activate Window.

Navigate to the safe place you put the Activation File and click open/select.

Having followed these steps Circle should now be activated and fully featured.

If you need further help on any of the steps above or have a query you would like answered, follow the 3 Steps To Getting Support below

3 Steps To Get Support On Activate

Check Other Sections On this Page
If you have a general support query, visit the Circle support section here.

Visit the Circle Forum
If you were unable to find a helpful solution below, the next step is to visit the online FAW forums here Use the 'Search the Forums' feature to look for help on your query.

Contact Us
Send an email to support(at)futureaudioworkshop(dot)com with a brief description of your query and we will solve it directly. Also send any suggestions you may have on improving this page to the same address.

Frequently Asked Questions Relating to Activate

Q: I entered the Circle Activation Code correctly into Circles Activate Window, clicked the 'activate online' button, but I got back an error code

A: If your computer running Circle is usually connected to the internet, check to see if you can open any websites with your internet browser. If you can, then send us an email at support(at)futureaudioworkshop(dot)com subject "I can connect to the internet but Circle won't Activate Online".
If your computer has never been connected to the internet, then you need to Activate Offline. Follow the steps above, paying particular attention to step 3.

Q: I have more than one computer that I would like to use Circle on. How does this work with my single Activation Code

A: Circle's license means that while you can only run Circle on one computer at a time, we allow you to install and activate it on up to three seperate computers. This is useful if you work on laptop when away from your main studio PC. If you plan to run Circle on more than one computer at the same time, we can offer you an additional license at a reduced rate. Contact store(at)futureaudio workshop(dot)com with the subject of the email "I would like to run Circle on multiple computers"